There are three stages to the Challenge. Brought to you by RateMyApprenticeship.co.uk, in collaboration with PwC, the National Schools Employability Challenge gives young people across the UK the chance to test and improve their employability skills, as well as prepare and up-skill themselves for the modern working world. If you’re a student looking to take on the 2018/19 Challenge, or a teacher looking to prepare your students for the working world, scroll down to find out more about each stage of the Challenge.

Stage 1

Start the Challenge by answering a series of multiple choice questions. Stage 1 is a quiz designed to get you thinking about what skill sets and attributes employers are looking for in the modern workplace. Once you’ve completed the quiz, you’ll get a score out of 40, demonstrating how well you’ve performed. For most of the questions, there are no right or wrong answers but some answers do score higher than others.

Stage 2

Once you’ve completed Stage 1 you will be automatically invited to Stage 2. Stage 2 will give you the opportunity to gain new knowledge, experience and develop a greater understanding of employability in the modern working world. You will receive a series of five learning-based based email communications focused around ten skill sets that employers find most valuable in future employees.

Stage 3

Once you have received the feedback, tips and advice in Stage 2, you may be selected to attend Stage 3, which consists of a Future Employability Skills event at PwC’s offices in Birmingham. Once the Challenge closes, we will invite all entrants to attend Stage 3 and spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. This day will be a fun opportunity to meet and network with fellow students and PwC representatives, hone your skills and test your abilities. 

The Future Employability Skills event will bring to life what you have learned in Stage 2, putting theory into practice. Our main objective is that all attendees will walk away with tangible learning, feeling prepared and informed, and above all, super employable!


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