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The RateMyApprenticeship team is delighted to open up entries for the fourth National Schools Employability Challenge. Last year we had 7,102 entries so we hope to see thousands of young people entering The Challenge for a fourth year running.

RateMyApprenticeship.co.uk is an online advice portal working to raise awareness of the alternatives to university among young people. We work closely with schools to promote these opportunities in presentations and workshops, while the website itself is home to the Top 70 Employers of school leavers, as rated by their school leavers & apprentices. We have more than 11,000 peer-to-peer reviews on the website, where you can find out the ins and outs of working at some of the UK’s biggest employers, including PwC, Boots, the BBC and Jaguar Land Rover.

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We’re delighted to collaborate with RateMyApprenticeship to launch the fourth National Schools Employability Challenge. We’re committed to supporting the development of talented individuals and helping to equip you with the skills you need for future jobs or study. For further tools and advice, visit our dedicated employability web page.

Right now you have lots of decisions to make. Do you go to university? Do you study a sponsored degree? Do you take some time out and have a gap year? Or do you explore your opportunities for starting work now?

Whatever decision you make, we want you to consider joining us. And if you do, we’ll need you to be bright, talented and enthusiastic to learn. With opportunities for school and college leavers, undergraduates and graduates, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. If you want to work in business, we’re the best place to start your career.

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We're one of the world's leading professional services organisations. From 157 countries, we advise some of the most successful organisations, entrepreneurs and private businesses. We tackle lots of different issues for loads of different organisations, entrepreneurs and private businesses. We help with big deals and big changes to their structures and businesses.

We advise them on tax. We make sure they’re getting the most out of their IT. We help them plan ahead to manage risk, make sure they’re sustainable and profitable. Everything to do with measuring, protecting and enhancing what matters most to our clients.

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